Looking to straighten your teeth? Our general dentists at Apple Dental Care offer their Edmonton patients traditional-style braces to straighten teeth, close gaps between teeth, and improve overall oral function. 

What are braces?

Braces are an orthodontic treatment designed to straighten and align teeth by shifting them into the correct position.

Apple Dental Care offers conventional braces with brackets, and the wires can be either metal or tooth-coloured. 

Benefits of Braces

Braces correct a variety of alignment and structural problems including:

  • Poorly aligned or crowded teeth.
  • Spaces between teeth.
  • An underbite: when lower teeth protrude in front of upper teeth.
  • An overbite: when upper teeth bite over lower teeth.
  • A crossbite: when upper and lower jaws can’t close together.
  • An open bite: when upper and lower front teeth don’t bite together.

Braces, Edmonton Dentist

The dentists at Apple Dental Care are committed to providing you the right tools to give you the smile you deserve. Contact us today!

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