Infant Frenectomy

Our family dentists offer a release procedure (frenectomy) for infants with tongue, lip and cheek ties, to help improve their oral development.

Tongue Ties

Ankyloglossia, also known as a tongue tie, is a condition present at birth where the membrane connecting the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth is unusually short, thick or rigid, and as a result limits the range of motion of the tongue. Some tongue ties are easily diagnosed, whereas others may be more difficult to visualize and require a more skilled practitioner to detect. These may be referred to as posterior or submucosal tongue ties.

Lip & Cheek Ties

In a small percentage of babies, other frena in the mouth may also be restrictive and too tight. These may include upper and lower lip ties, as well as buccal (or cheek) ties. In infants, these oral restrictions can contribute to difficulties with breast and/or bottle feeding, then as children get older, they can impact transitioning to solid food, speech, as well as oral growth and development.

Lip & Tongue Ties Treatment | Apple Dental Care

Frenectomy Procedure

During an assessment for tongue tie, Dr. Zenith will complete a full oral exam also checking for these other sites of potential oral restriction. In deciding whether or not a revision of an oral tie is advised, it is important to consider the function, not just the anatomical appearance. If revision is recommended for an infant (also known as a release or a frenectomy), the procedure can usually be completed in-office using a dental laser.

Dr. Zenith is happy to assist in taking the first step to diagnosing an oral restriction. Patients of any age are welcome to book for assessment.

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