Dental Cleanings and Prevention in Edmonton

At Apple Dental Care in Edmonton, our family dentists believe that preventative care and regular dental cleanings can keep gum disease and signs of damage at bay, giving you a healthy, strong smile you can be proud of!

Dental Cleanings in Edmonton

Many patients call to book a “cleaning” at the dental office.

What most people don’t realize is that there isn’t a one size fits all solution to keeping your gums healthy.

Healthy Adults and Children are advised to come at a 6 month interval for removal of hard deposits (tartar or calculus) and soft deposits (plaque biofilm) from your teeth. This is prevention and is to stop the progression of gum disease.

Patients who have gum disease may need to return for more frequent appointments to keep the disease from progressing.

Preventative Care in Edmonton

Preventative dental care is achieved by combined patient and dentist efforts. Your dentist at Apple Dental Care will educate and guide you to follow proper dental hygiene and care practices at home. Regular brushing and flossing should be performed twice a day to remove biofilm and food particles lodged between teeth.

To prevent cavities, gum disease and other complications from occurring, you need to take special precautions. Maintain a well-balanced diet, avoid foods high in sugar and use a fluoride toothpaste to strengthen your tooth enamel.

With the right preventative care mindset and regular dental cleanings, you can easily maintain your dental health and fight the risks of gum disease.

Take the first step towards a healthy and strong smile. Contact us today to schedule your dental cleaning at Apple Dental Care! 

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