Protection of Your Child's Teeth

Protection of Your Child's Teeth

It is imperative as your child grows, that you teach them how to properly take care of their teeth. This will help in preventing future tooth decay and damage, or tooth loss. 

Here are some tips to ensure that you, as a parent, take care of your child’s teeth.

Regular Brushing and Flossing

The best way to protect your child’s teeth is to instill in them the importance of brushing and flossing regularly. Ensure that you show them that thorough brushing involves brushing of all of their teeth including their back molars. It is imperative they learn to brush their teeth twice a day. In addition to this, regular flossing of teeth should accompany brushing to ensure that no food particles remain in gaps between teeth.

Control Sugar Intake

One of the best ways to protect your child’s teeth is to control the number of sugary foods and beverages your child consumes. Sugar is one of the biggest causes of cavity generation. Children are not mature enough to understand that an increase in sugar intake can be bad for them. By controlling the number of sweets your child consumes, you not only help them in leading a healthier life, but you also teach them a valuable lesson of control and moderation.

Dental Sealants for Children

Dental sealants for children are an effective way to protect teeth from cavities. They are especially recommended for children who have just gotten their permanent teeth. A dental sealant is a plastic material that is placed on the surface of the tooth, especially the molars.

For children who are still learning to take care of their teeth, dental sealants can be a good preventive measure to prevent cavities.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet ensures that your child’s teeth grow strong and are protected. Crunchy fruits and vegetables such as carrots and apples are great for teeth. Yogurt contains a healthy dose of probiotics (helpful bacteria) which is good for oral flora and calcium intake, which helps teeth stay strong.

Regular Dental Check-ups

Teach your child the importance of regular dental check-ups. A dental check-up is a simple way to monitor your child's dental health and to ensure that your child’s teeth are cavity-free.

One of the best ways to teach your child that regular dental check-ups are important is to practice what you preach. Have your child accompany you when you visit the dentist for your dental check-up. This will help your child feel more comfortable about visiting the dentist and will instill and reinforce the importance of dental check-up visits.

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