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Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer accounts for 2.9% of the cancer cases reported in Canada. Cancer can affect a person’s lips, tongue, gums, mouth floor, or salivary gland to name a few. Catching the signs of oral cancer early ensures that it can be treated effectively and it increases the chances of the affected person’s survival. Because of its low rate of affliction, oral cancer is often ignored. As much as 40% of oral cancer is diagnosed at a late cancer stage.

Apple Dental offers a smooth and efficient process for oral cancer screening, ensuring that you are free of the disease. We aim to catch it early to give the person the best fighting chance.

Who should be screened?

No select demography is affected by oral cancer and this makes it difficult to predict who should be screened. However, there are certain activities and medical history that can increase the chance of having oral cancer.


Tobacco and its products are known carcinogens. Consumers of tobacco products such cigarettes, cigars, or chewing tobacco increase the chances of having cancer.


Heavy drinking of more than 14 drinks per week increases the chance of having oral cancer. Tobacco and alcohol consumers are more likely to be diagnosed with a late-stage oral cancer.

Human Papilloma Virus

The human papilloma virus (HPV) can affect the lingual and palatine tonsils and the base of the tongue. Specifically, strains of HPV-16 and HPV-18 increases the chances of cancer.


A diet of fruit and vegetables can reduce the chances of oral cancer.

Apple Dental Oral Cancer Screening

When you book an appointment with us, a specialized oral dentist will conduct the procedure. It consists of 7 steps.

1.    Tongue

First, your tongue is examined. You are required to extend your tongue out as far as possible. Our dentist will examine both sides looking for patches or lumps. For non-smokers, the tongue is the most common oral cancer location.

2.    Lips and Cheek Roll

Your lips are felt for any lumps. Using a light beam, your cheeks will be checked for any white or red patches.

3.    Double Digit Probe

The floor of your mouth is examined from top to bottom. The dentist checks for any bumps.

4.    Palate Tickle

The roof of your mouth is checked for lumps and softness.

5.    Neck Caress

A neck caress by the dentist feels thoroughly for any lumps or unusual muscle mass along your throat.

6.    Tonsils

For the final step of the oral cancer screening, you have to open your mouth wide for the dentist to examine your tonsils.

7.    Biopsy Procedure

If the dentist suspects there is a lump, a biopsy procedure is required to confirm the presence of cancer cells.

Regular Oral Cancer Screening

It is recommended that you have regular oral cancer screenings. When you visit Apple Dental for your regular dental checkup, request for an oral cancer screening. It is carried out swiftly and ensures your continuous protection.

So next time you visit us for a dental checkup, have an oral cancer screening conducted. The earlier it is caught, the higher the chance of your survival.