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Want to straighten your teeth? A brace can be used to solve problems like crooked or crowded teeth, bad bites or an incorrect jaw position. However, the problem with a brace is that it affects a person’s good appearance.

At Apple Dental, we offer a better alternative to teeth brace. Invisalign is a way to align your teeth without anyone not noticing.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the latest in dentistry technology.

It is made of plastic that is transparent and virtually invisible. Each invisalign is custom made for the individual, serving as a custom, smooth and comfortable fit. It gradually shifts your teeth into place in a gentle manner so as not to cause any pain or discomfort.

Get Invisalign at Apple Dental

Being a new treatment, on your first visit, our dentist spends time with you, answering any questions and queries you may have regarding the treatment. After that, x-rays and impressions of your teeth are taken. Every individual has a different dental structure and we create an invisalign treatment plan according to that.

Utilizing the treatment plan, invisalign aligners are created to fit your teeth. Now you just have to wear them every day, except when you eat, drink, brush or floss. Every two weeks, you will be given a new set of invisalign aligners until your teeth have reached the best position.

The invisalign treatment can take between 9 and 16 months. It varies from individual to individual.

Benefits of Invisalign

Both invisalign and teeth braces serve the purpose of aligning your teeth correctly, however, why should you choose invisalign over teeth braces?

Unaffected Personal Appearance

Invisalign aligners are nearly transparent and virtually impossible to detect. This is in stark comparison to braces which have brackets and wires. Your personal appearance won’t be affected by having invisalign aligners.


You don’t have to frequently move or adjust the aligners to ensure they fit correctly. Because we take x-rays and mold impressions of your teeth, we are able to craft invisalign aligners that fit your teeth comfortably.

Easy to Remove and No Food Restrictions

Invisalign aligners are easy to remove. You can do it on your own without any help. This added advantage means that there are no food restrictions as you can remove it whenever you have to eat.

How much does it Cost?

A major concern from our customers regarding invisalign aligners is the cost and affordability. Considering that this is a new dental technology in the market, we understand why the cost is a concern.

However, it is more affordable that you think. It is slightly more expensive than traditional braces and in return, you get a more comfortable and better looking orthodontic treatment.

Reach out to Apple Dental and book an appointment with our dentists. Any queries regarding the process of the treatment, how does it work and costs will be answered by us.