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Fluoride treatment

If you’ve heard your dentist at Apple Dental recommend fluoride treatment for you and have always wondered if it is necessary for you, we have some answers. At Apple Dental, we help our patients make informed decisions regarding their dental treatments by providing detailed information before the treatment commences.

What is Fluoride treatment?

Before you understand what fluoride treatment is you need to know what fluoride does. Fluoride is a mineral with benefits for your teeth that are similar to those of Calcium. It is an integral part of tooth’s enamel and protects the teeth from tooth decay.

In young children, fluoride aids in the development of the teeth by strengthening the enamel. It plays an important part in the development of permanent teeth by making them impenetrable for acids thus preventing their demineralization. It acts as a shield for the teeth by protecting it from acid attacks caused by acidic and sugary foods. It can also reverse early signs of tooth decay in young children

For adults, it plays a part in keeping tooth decay at by and prevents the demineralization of the teeth by disrupting the acid production in teeth.

Fluoride treatment is the method of replenishing the fluoride concentration of your teeth to protect it from tooth decay. The body loses fluoride every day and needs to increase intake of fluoride to ensure that there is a balance. If you lose fluoride faster than you consume it, your teeth will be at a high risk of tooth decay.

Types of Fluoride treatments

Fluoride can be applied to the teeth topically or consumed in the form of fluoride supplements and tablets or as part of a fluoride-rich diet. Topical fluoride treatment can be given in the form of gels, foams, sprays, or varnishes.

Fluoride supplements are also available in the form of liquid solutions and syrups as well as capsules and tablets. Speak to your dentist at Apple Dental for a prescription.

When do you need fluoride treatment?

Fluoride treatments, while not necessary, are highly recommended for adults in order to fight tooth decay and keep teeth strong and healthy. There are some patients who are more at risk of tooth decay due to certain conditions which cause excessive fluoride loss. These conditions are:

1.      Dry Mouth

Those suffering from dry mouth due to diseases or medications require fluoride treatment to fight tooth decay as the absence of saliva increases the chances of tooth decay. Lack of saliva means food debris does not get washed away and chances of demineralization are high.

2.      Gum recession

Gum recession exposes more of the teeth and puts them at a higher risk of getting demineralized.

3.      Frequent cavities

If your teeth are prone to frequent cavities, a fluoride treatment will benefit you by strengthening your tooth enamel and fighting off tooth decay from within the tooth.

Apart from these patient groups, those who snack on sweet foods frequently, those who have deep grooves in their teeth and those who have dental work such as crowns and bridges done will benefit from fluoride treatment.


These are the benefits of fluoride treatment and patient groups that require fluoride treatment. For a more specific treatment solution, speak to your dentist at Apple Dental to determine which treatment is right for you.