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Custom Mouth Guards

Once you lose your baby teeth, you are expected to take care of your teeth till the day you die. Playing any contact sport, like football, can make that task very challenging. You want to offer your teeth the best protection when you are out on the field and caught in the process of tackling or blocking an opponent. At Apple Dental, we want athletes and sportspersons to not compromise on their efforts on the field by worrying about their teeth, this is why we recommend custom mouth guards.

What do Mouth Guards Protect?

Here’s a quick look at how Apple Dental’s mouth guards protect your teeth when you are out on the field.

Tooth Fracture

A tooth fracture not only involves the breaking of a tooth, but it also exposes the dental pulp. Once a tooth fracture has occurred, a root canal treatment or pulpotomy will have to be performed.

Tooth Displacement

If a ball strikes your mouth and you aren’t wearing a mouth guard, a part of your tooth could crack and break due to the trauma of the force.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Your lips and gums are soft tissues. The force of a hit on your mouth, may cause your lips or gums to start bleeding.

Jaw Fracture

A jaw fracture may result due to a really heavy blow to your head.

How do Mouth Guards Protect your Teeth?

A mouth guard protects you against tooth fractures, tooth displacements, soft tissue injuries or jaw fractures while you are playing. A mouth guard is essentially a layer of plastic covering your teeth thoroughly. This plastic is soft and flexible. This makes it work as a padding that absorbs the blow to your teeth, protecting it from any damage.

Why Custom Mouth Guards? 

There are a number of mouth guards available in the market, however, those of us at Apple Dental, highly recommend that you have a custom mouth guard for your protection on the sports field. Here’s why:

Mouth Guards are Standard

Many athletes and sportspersons who enter through our doors assume that all mouth guards are the same. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A standard mouth guard is designed to fit in the average mouth of a Canadian. However, every person has a different teeth arrangement and jaw size. A standard mouth guard is an ill-fitting guard that won’t protect your teeth.

An Extension of yourself

A custom mouth guard is made for your teeth. This is done by taking a mold of your teeth. Our Apple Dental mouth guard isn’t just an attachment to place in your mouth. Our mouth guards become an extension of yourself while you play so you don’t have to worry about protecting your teeth.

High Comfort Level

Since the mouth guard is modeled after your own teeth, you won’t have to constantly adjust it in your mouth. The high comfort level ensures once you set it in, it will fit in comfortably.

Protects your Teeth

The primary role of Apple Dental’s mouth guard is to protect your teeth so that you can give your best on the field. Made from high quality material, the mouth guard is specially crafted to absorb impacts and protect your teeth.

Winning the game is the objective when you are on the field. Custom mouth guards from Apple Dental ensure that you don’t have to worry about your teeth as they are well protected.