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Composite Fillings

A filling is a dental solution that fills the cavities in your teeth. A cavity occurs when your tooth decays. This happens because bacteria on your teeth turns carbohydrate foods into acids and the acids slowly eat into the enamel, the outer layer of the teeth and after that, the dentin, the inner layer of the teeth.

Cavities can wreak havoc for your teeth, resulting in you losing many of your teeth if not dealt with. At Apple Dental, one of the many solutions we offer to solve cavities is composite fillings.

What is Composite Fillings?

A composite filling is a mixture of plastic and glass. It contains the cavity and prevents bacteria and acid from further damaging the tooth. This is a synthetic resin that can also be used for cosmetic improvement of your teeth and fill in gaps.

Placement of Composite Fillings

Once the dentist prepares the composite filling, it is placed in the cavity or gap. The dentist does this in layers so that the filling is put evenly on the area. Ultraviolet light may be used to harden the composite filling quickly to ensure it stays in place.

Benefits of Composite Fillings

There are several benefits to opting for composite filling.

  • Aesthetic:
    Other filling material includes metals like silver. Silver tends to stand out, while composite filling blends in with your dental structure and enhancing its good looks. The composite filling comes in different colors, allowing the dentist to pick a shade that’s right for your teeth.
  • Strong Bond:
    Composite filling easily bonds with the tooth’s structure. The micro-mechanical nature of the composite resin strengthens the tooth’s structure and brings back its original physical integrity.
  • Spares the Tooth:
    Another type of filling is amalgam filling. Amalgam filling does not have the same structure of composite filling and requires a hole to be drilled in the tooth for it to be placed. Due to the nature of the composite filling, there is no need to drill a hole in the tooth.

Disadvantages of Composite Fillings

Composite filling may not always be the best solution in certain cases.

  • Durability
    The composite filling is not as durable as amalgam filling. Hard chewing can cause the composite resin to wear out.
  • Time
    While preparing amalgam filling is quick, preparing a composite filling can take as much as 20 minutes. However, it can be done in a single dental visit.
  • Crown
    The composite filling is not a replacement for dental crown treatment. When your tooth degrades to the dentin layer, it may be better to fix a cap and safeguard the rest of your tooth.

The composite filling is a perfect solution to stopping a cavity early on before your tooth degrades terribly. At Apple Dental, we assess the damage done by the cavity and we suggest the best solution for your teeth.

If you notice a cavity or gap in your tooth, have a dental visit immediately. The longer you wait, the more the cavity will grow, eventually causing you to lose the tooth.