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Cleanings and Prevention

Caring for your teeth and preventing the early signs of tooth decay from appearing is critical to ensure that your pearly whites remain strong and shiny for many years. Preventative care and regular cleanings can keep dental diseases and signs of damage at bay, giving you that flawless, natural smile.


Cleaning and polishing performed by your trusted dentist at Apple Dental on a regular basis ensures that your teeth are spotless and healthy. Cleaning maintains the overall health of your entire mouth including gums, inner cheeks and tongue, making it an absolutely essential dental procedure. Here’s how it works.

During the cleaning procedure, our skilled dentists will employ different cleaning techniques to rid your tooth enamel of plaque and tartar. Plaque is a layer of bacteria which clings to your teeth and can weaken the teeth. Tartar is a stronger form of plaque which cannot be removed by brushing and requires stronger cleaning procedures to be employed.  The removal of plaque and tartar reduces the risk of gingivitis and periodontal disease. Manual instruments and powerful jet sprays of water are used to clean and remove the plaque and lighter layers of tartar deposits. For heavier tartar deposits, ultrasonic beams may be used.

Cleaning of the gums, tongue and the inner cheeks is also done during your routine cleanup procedure.

Cleaning is followed by polishing which is done to remove the stains and other marks from teeth using special polishing solutions. This scrubs of abrasions on the teeth and leaves you with a fresh, squeaky clean mouth.

Apple Dental recommends regular cleaning every 3 months and polishing every 6 months for a healthy mouth and shiny white teeth.

Preventative care

Preventative dental care is achieved by combined patient and dentist efforts. Your dentist at Apple Dental will educate and guide you to follow proper dental hygiene and care practices at home. You need to follow your dentist’s advice for healthy teeth which are free of diseases and signs of damage. Regular brushing and flossing should be performed twice a day to remove food particles lodged between the teeth and other debris.

Cavities are the root cause of all dental problems and should be prevented by following the right oral hygiene and care practices.

To prevent cavities from occurring, you need to take special precautions and take good care of your teeth. Maintain a well-balanced diet and avoid foods high in sugar as they cause cavities. Use a fluoride toothpaste to strengthen your tooth enamel and prevent cavities and dental caries.

Visit Apple Dental regularly for cleanings and examinations to detect cavities early and stop them from advancing.

With the right preventative care and dental cleaning, you can maintain a healthy set of teeth and fight the risks of diseases for several years. Schedule a cleaning and polishing appointment at Apple Dental today and take the first step towards a healthy and spotless smile.