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Dry Mouth: How Do You Stop It?

Dry mouth, in medical terms, is known as Xerostomia. But, what is a dry mouth? It is a subjective feeling of dryness in the mouth. Every got that terrible, dry feeling in your mouth? A dry mouth is due to the lack of saliva production by the salivary glands. There should be an unstimulated whole saliva flow rate in a normal person between 0.3–0.4 ml every minute. Anything below 0.1 ml per minute is quite unusual. A dry mouth could also be due to the effects of some medications. You should not only be concerned about what is a dry mouth but also about how you stop a dry mouth? They are as follows.

Try a Different Medication

As mentioned in the earlier paragraph, you may be experiencing a dry mouth due to medication. Drugs can be for the treatment of pain, allergies, depression and so on. For this purpose, you may need to consider your physician to replace it or adjusting the dosage. Check-ups at a dental service in Edmonton would give you a clear idea if dry mouth is a result of medication or not.

Use of Artificial Saliva Product

Your dentist may advise you to consume products which prevent dry mouth. They include rinse, sprays, or gels that are easily available over the counter. However, it is necessary to ask your doctor or family dentist about it before consuming them. Some toothpaste and mouthwash are also formulated to prevent dryness in the mouth.

Drink Water More Often

To stop a dry mouth, you can keep it wet by drinking a lot of water and quite often. It is a natural way to prevent dry mouth. Periodic sips of water are an excellent way to manage dry mouth. This will loosen the mucus, which is a slimy substance secreted by the glands. Furthermore, it will keep your mouth wet. Avoid drinking drinks which contain alcohol and caffeine (like tea or coffee). They may reduce the level of water in your body due to frequent urination.

Avoid Eating Spicy and Salty Food

Consuming salty food will make you thirstier. The same is the case with spicy food. Too much intake of sodium disrupts the balance of fluid in your cells. In addition, if you already experience a dry mouth, spicy and salty food can cause pain. Instead, consume soft or liquid food like stews and soups. Dry mouth should not be taken lightly since it can cause difficulty in speaking, chewing your food and increase dental problems. Dentists in Edmonton and the world over believe that saliva is essential to prevent tooth decay, since the saliva protects your teeth

Now that you know what is a dry mouth and what can be done to stop a dry mouth, it is essential you follow the points mentioned above.. If you are still facing the problem of dry mouth, then make it a point to visit a dentist as soon as possible.

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