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Crowns are a tooth restoration option when the tooth is damaged or discolored but not lost completely. Your trusted Prosthodontist at Apple Dental can fit you with crowns to resemble your natural teeth and restore your tooth function as well as your gorgeous smile.

What is a Crown?

A crown is a cap which is placed on top of a damaged or broken tooth to improve its appearance as well as restore its function. If you have a broken tooth, a fractured tooth, or have a root canal performed on a tooth, a crown is an ideal tooth treatment for you.

It is a hollow artificial tooth that rests on top of your natural tooth and gives it a normal appearance. Damaged teeth, decayed teeth, and stained teeth can be fitted with a crown for the beautification of the smile and restoration of dental functions for those teeth.

What happens during a crown fitting?

Apple Dental has a team of specialist prosthodontists to ensure you have the most effective tooth crowning procedure performed on your tooth. If you have a damaged, misshapen, or discolored tooth, your prosthodontist at Apple Dental will fit it with an artificial crown to make it look normal and perform normal tooth functions such as biting and chewing.

Here is how the process occurs during a crown fitting:

  • Your dentist will first give you a local anesthetic to ensure you do not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure.
  • To get the perfect fit between the damaged tooth and the crown, your dentist will file down the damaged tooth to make room for the crown to fit well.
  • Then, your dentist will take an impression of the filed down tooth and the surrounding teeth to create a custom mold for your new crown so as to ensure that it blends in just right with your remaining teeth.
  • While your custom crown is being made using the impression of your teeth, your dentist at Apple Dental will fit a temporary crown over the tooth to protect it in the meantime. A temporary crown may not resemble the final crown that will be fit onto your tooth as it is just for the interim period.
  • The final crown, resembling your natural tooth in shape, size, and color, will be checked once by your dentist before cementing it onto your tooth. Once cemented, the crown is not removable and does not require replacement either.

Crowns are made of different materials similar to Dental bridges and your dentist at Apple Dental will be able to advise you about which material is ideal after examining your damaged tooth.

Crowns last for 10 years or longer with the right dental care and proper oral hygiene. Brushing, flossing, using a mouthwash and visiting the dentist regularly is essential to ensure that your crown is in the best of health and is functioning well.

Don’t let a damaged or misshaped tooth stop you from smiling and get a crown fitted at Apple Dental for a perfect, natural smile.