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Botox Treatment

While botox has become associated with cosmetic treatment, when introduced in the medical community, it was used to treat various medical conditions such cross-eyed (strabismus) and abnormal muscle spasms of the eyelids (blepharospasm).

Modern medical science has pushed the boundaries of botox usage, giving it many various applications and this includes dental applications.

Botulinum Toxin

While the term botox is frequently thrown around, few know what botox is. There is a public assumption that botox is a wrinkle treatment drug. Botox is neurotoxin produced by bacterium known as Clostridium botulinum. The toxin itself is called botulinum toxin.

Botulinum toxin is quite poisonous and a single gram can easily kill a person. Botox, used in tiny concentrations, can prevent nerve cells from reaching the muscle. This effectively paralyzes and freezes the muscle.

Experts at Botox Treatment

The dentists at Apple Dental are exceptionally apt at dentistry botox treatment. Our dentists have extraordinary information on the jaw, facial and head anatomy. They have studied the intricacies and inner workings of the facial muscles and its movement, making us adept professionals to administer the botox treatment.

Additionally, having a dentist administer the botox treatment provides a high level of privacy and discreteness. You do not have to openly announce that you are going for a botox treatment; you can just say that you are going to visit the dentist.


TMD or Temporomandibular joint dysfunction is a medical term that covers the dysfunction of the jaw and the joints that connect the skull above. TMD leads to chronic headache pain and bite abnormalities. Our botox treatment provides relief for Temporomandibular joint dysfunctions.

Clenching and Grinding

Hard and continuous clenching and grinding lead to wear and tear of the teeth and jaws. Hard and continuous clenching and grinding are often unconscious and many of us don’t realize when it’s being done. We do it when we are angry, nervous, stressed or worried. At Apple Dental, our botox treatment simply reduces nerve control over your jaw muscles, solving the problem of clenching and grinding.

Lip and Chin Enhancement

When you smile, the lip and chin muscles play a big role. Thin lip lines and a puckered chin can prevent you from giving the best smile possible. We assess the various ways we can improve your smile through lip and chin enhancement and use botox to enhance the lip and chin muscles. You can gift yourself a wonderful smile with a botox treatment.

Dentistry botox treatment at Apple Dental is completely safe and painless. When you first visit us, we evaluate your dental and medical condition. Our dentist identifies the best way botox can benefit you and accordingly a botox treatment is carried out. The treatment is conduct by a dental professional who is experienced and qualified.

Want a solution to your TMD dysfunction? Can’t stop yourself from clenching and grinding? Or, just want to have a more wholesome smile? At Apple Dental, we can help you. Just reach out to us.